Student Kit

Preschool Books With Ur School Logo & Name School consultant India is a leading preschool consultant in India, we provide preschool books with workbooks, & other study material, with your own customized logo our products are made under the industry-certified professional.

Customized school bags

We provide customized school bags with durable and quality material for preschoolers, with your own logo on the school bag.

We have an extensive range of school uniforms you can choose for your preschool, with your custom preschool logo or other custom requirements for the preschool uniform.

Preschool stationery & other school supplies


  • ID Card
  • Uniform
  • Note Books
  • Certificate
  • Cap
  • Folders
  • Report cards
  • Diary

School consultant India provides school stationery which includes ID Card, Uniform, Note Books, Certificate, Cap, Folders, Report cards, Diary with custom design requirements, of a preschool owner.